Impactful Projects

Our projects are a crucial vehicle for fulfilling our mission. FixNGive’s strategic focus revolves around data-driven projects and campaigns that aim to maximize our positive educational impact.

With the powerful support of our community, we organize diverse avenues through which we can obtain the resources needed to continue our work and expand the capacity we have to act on our objectives. We organize Computer & Accessories Drives - with the cooperation of other organizations such as SellYourMac and the Loveland Sustainability Council - in which we collect generous donations from our sponsors (individuals and organizations like you!) that we securely wipe of information, refurbish, and update with the latest software.

In addition, our members lead independent technology-fueled classes for students throughout various Cincinnati schools. We strive to complement and develop upon each school’s curriculum, providing all students with valuable experience in a friendly, curious environment. Through our efforts, we strive to supply as much opportunity to youth as possible, whether it be through physical donations or educational guidance.

FixNGive also organizes Symposiums in which audiences have the opportunity to hear from the most innovative Cincinnati startups, especially venture capital and tech companies. Participants enjoy a catered dinner and raffles for a variety of prizes while learning about internship and vocational opportunities. Companies purchase sponsorships and present attendees with promotions and exciting developments.

Currently, we are dedicating our efforts to research and strengthen our relationship with the Cincinnati Public Schools system in order to empirically determine the specific technological needs of each school. Upon completion, FixNGive will then be able to maximize our utility to Cincinnati Public schools as a whole and address deficiencies more directly and efficiently. This campaign seeks to incorporate the contributions of all of our partners, donors, and local organizations in an effort to derive measurable improvements and a brighter future.